Research at JCU

JCU is committed to research that aims to address global challenges and improve outcomes for those living in the Tropics. Within Australia and across the globe, JCU prioritises high quality, high impact research. From marine science to tropical medicine, and tourism to biodiversity, our academics engage with colleagues around the world to be at the forefront of innovation within their fields. Discover how JCU is creating research with impact.

Partner with us

JCU works in partnership with business, industry, government and the community to deliver high-quality research which delivers outcomes and creates lasting benefits for our region and a brighter future for the tropics generally. To talk about your next project, what you would like to achieve, your potential markets and partners and how to protect your intellectual property, contact us at

Student Opportunities

Change direction or accelerate your career with a JCU postgraduate research degree. Be supported to cultivate your passions, respond to complex challenges and develop innovative research skills. You can enhance your critical and creative thinking skills and launch your research career. Find out How to Apply for a Graduate Research degree

Facilities for Research

JCU provides unique facilities for research including

Interdisciplinary Institutes and Centres

Institutes and Centres at JCU bring together researchers from across the University to work on a defined mission.

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